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Helping shape the future of YOUR business

With 10 years experience of hiring and placing the most talented technical teams, why not let our team be yours? From embedded as an internal team to executive searches, we can help you scale and grow your business.

Why choose Amach Talent?

Whether you’re looking to build up a new division or add to an existing team, at Amach Talent we can help you find the skilled professionals you’re looking for. By combining our market knowledge and local expertise, we can offer you access to high quality active and passive candidates.

We aim to know as much as we can about our clients, understanding their previous hiring successes and challenges, upcoming projects, businesses direction and overall company environment. By doing so, we put ourselves in the best position possible in making that perfect hire.

With teams in the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe we have a local presence and local knowledge.

Interim and Contractor Recruitment Specialists

For more than a decade, Amach has been delivering temporary resources across the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe, establishing an exceptional reputation within interim and contract recruitment.

Whether you seek a contractor with industry specific experience to fill a skills gap or require short term, temporary coverage for your existing team due to long term sickness or employee leave, we are committed to promptly providing the ideal individual tailored to your needs and budget.‍

All options include our tooling, knowledge, processes, technical expertise



PCM, per person

Embedded into your business – typically saving 50% on traditional recruitment

Cost effective method to rapidly scale an internal team

Normal delivery of approx. 20 hires in 6 month window

Audit & enhance internal hiring processes

Our support in developing your recruitment capabilities



+10% per hire PCM

Expected savings of >€20,000 compared to traditional recruitment

Support, network & expertise of our Team

Clear, agreed, strategy for outreach

Regular touchpoints throughout each hire

Full hiring & interview team supporting each promoted job spec

Our team support in crafting job specs



Of first years compensation

Designed for filling individual / low volume, roles

Only highly vetted, suitable, candidates shared for consideration

Great for replacing highly skilled individuals

Amach Talent has the role exclusively for the first 6 weeks

Low risk, high reward model



Of first years compensation

Working in partnership with your leadership team

Identify & attract executive level talent

Identify & develop high-performing boards

Full consultation sequence with senior stakeholders

Tailored executive search plan agreed in advance

Dedicated resources from Amach Talent on each placement

Flexibility from Amach Talent to support your business


Embedded recruitment means we embed our team into your company so that we can best represent you in the market. Truly leveraging our years of experience in technical recruitment and on call as you scale and grow.


Our Retained recruitment service is designed for businesses as a cost effective way to manage the hiring of new talent when a business is looking to hire a few roles a month on a rolling basis. Great for companies rapidly expanding their technical teams.


If you are looking to fill individual roles due to business changes and fluctuations, contingency recruitment is the ideal solution for companies looking to complete just a few, targeted, hires.


We work in partnership with your senior management teams and offer executive search and consulting services, supporting your CEO and leadership team in the identification and development of high-performing boards and executive leadership.


Lead: UK & Ireland

Dedicated recruiter and scuba diving enthusiast who works hard, laughs often and enjoys connecting people.


Head of Talent Acquisition

Passionate about sourcing, growing and developing talent within fast-paced and high growth environments.


Global Account Manager

Dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and delivering creative solutions that truly make a difference.


TA Partner: Romaina

Passionate about helping companies grow, I spend my spare time with my dog, at the gym or by writing & reading.


TA Partner: Europe

A dedicated recruiter who hunts talent by day, pitches tents by night, and finds humor in every adventure!


TA Partner: rest of world

Driven, hardworking, experienced recruiter that loves to help people – father of 4 and keen fitness freak!


TA Partner: Eastern europe

Motivated and hardworking manager who wants to make this world a better place and people happier.


Lead Talent Acquisition Partner

Thirty years experience leading technical TA teams for global organisations, scuba diver, crossword solver and cat lover.


Senior Talent ACquisition Partner

A talented technical recruiter, keen quizzer and rugby lover who enjoys anything sports related.


HR Business Partner

An energetic and motivated HR professional who loves the cinema and video games.


At Amach Talent, we believe it’s not enough to just talk about change; we believe the real change happens through taking action.

Inclusive and equitable organisations must be built by design, not default. Decisions must be made based on data and facts, not long-held bias.

We need to bring on and encourage inclusive leaders who can bring together and foster diverse knowledge, perspectives and experiences, uniting behind one vision.

We believe nurturing the right team behaviours with inclusive policies will make change happen.

Inclusive and diverse

Research has shown that diversity in leadership levels is not only essential for inclusion – it leads to increased financial performance for the business as well.

This data-backed information has led Amach to the only conclusion – that opening doors that were once closed and creating more seats at the table can only lead to benefits for all.

Companies can continue to enact progress advancing women by breaking the barriers and biases that seek to exclude and hold women back, which will make headway to building inclusive and equitable work environments.

This also will ensure women have the right support, opportunities, and sponsorship to build the leadership capabilities they need to advance